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Our collective superpower at Working Planet is creating a collaborative and respectful environment in which people can grow and excel.

If you’re seeking personal growth, can solve complex problems, and thrive on doing great and innovative work, you’ve found the right place. Come see for yourself!

Benefits & Perks

Fully Remote

We shifted to fully remote in March 2020 and sold our office building. We didn't miss a beat and didn't lose a person. We thrive in remote environments!

Person with laptop at home

Work from Home Stipend

To help make our remote work environments productive and comfortable, we offer work from home stipends in synch with our monthly profit goals.

Summer Fridays!

We all want to get the most out of summer. Enjoy getting a jump start on summer weekends!

Open Book Management

We think transparency is good in an agency, and not just for our clients. Each Friday we run through our P&L with the  company so everyone knows what they contribute to the bottom line. 

Forward Fold

PTO & Flexibility

Generous paid time off that grows with your tenure here. Additional hours of comp time during the week to offer additional flexibility.


401K & Company Contribution

We support saving for retirement so much so that we make contributions to all 401K plans, which vest immediately.

Always Learning

We hire curious people with a thirst for learning. To fuel that desire we offer tuition and online course reimbursements tied to monthly profit goals.

Charitable Contribution

WPers love to give and we love to encourage that! We will match your contribution to a charity important to you in months where we meet our profit goals.

Kids Doctor Checkup

Great Health Insurance

Truly great medical, dental and vision plans that cover your wellness needs. Wherever you are in the country.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Paid Maternity Leave

We offer paid maternity leave so you have time to bond with baby. During that time you both are also fully covered by health insurance.                          

Merit Advancement

This should be the norm at all companies, but we know it's not. At Working Planet, you advance based on merit not arbitrary timelines.

Social Connections

To stay connected as friends and colleagues in a remote environment, we hold weekly social gatherings to see people we don't ordinarily and biweekly Theme Days for laughs on Friday afternoons!

How is Working Planet different from other firms? At Working Planet, our goal is to help companies around the world profitably and efficiently engage in paid online marketing. Our success with managing millions of dollars in ad spend can be attributed to our unique, finely-tuned approach. We use a highly developed quantitative blend of data analysis, data modeling, and high-impact execution of online marketing management. With this unique blend of Agency, Consulting, and Media Buying, we execute profitable digital campaigns tailored to our clients’ financial needs and goals.

What type of work does Working Planet usually do? As a quantitative digital agency, we perform the “Back-of-the-House” work of determining the value of advertising as it relates to profit, and then deploy and manage campaigns armed with that knowledge. We combine the strength of thoughtful analysis with the speed and power of data-driven marketing to directly manage spend in paid digital advertising in Search, Social, Shopping, Display, Programmatic, and more.

Does Working Planet focus on any specific industries? We specialize in situations where complexity makes the valuing of advertising a challenge. Because of this we have worked with many B2B, B2C, and non-profits that have multiple revenue streams, audiences, brands, or lead-based sales cycles. As an example, we have worked with many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, as churn rate and lifetime value (LTV) calculations add complexity.

How many hours is the typical work week? 40-45 hours a week is normal. Employing Agile methodology, time management, organization, accuracy and efficiency go a long way to controlling the work day/week. We are not an agency that strives to burn the midnight oil and burnout our staff, but we do meet our deadlines. Work life balance is important to us and to our staff.

What is the corporate culture? We’re casual about the things we can be, but serious about the work we do. We dress caually, laugh a lot, and pets wander in and out of Zoom. But when it comes to the work, we do it well, and we do it right. We’re transparent and honest with our clients, and with each other. We communicate proactively and practice Radical Candor so everyone is able to provide and receive feedback well and know that it is meant with care and purpose.

What kind of people will I be working with? We’re a smart (but humble) group of people who are here for each other. We're collaborative and we’re nice (you have to be nice to work here; life is too short to work with jerks). While we may have a competitive streak or two, we always know that our clients’ competitors are the other team on the field.

Account Manager (Remote)

Positions Available

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