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Account Manager (Remote)

Full Time


About the Role

In the role of Account Manager, you will be leveraging your data-driven digital marketing expertise daily to implement, analyze and optimize paid search, paid social, shopping, display, video and other campaigns. You will be heavily involved in defining and implementing the tactics and strategy required to run high-producing digital campaigns.

As a highly-valued and contributing member of the Working Planet community, you will be speaking up, rolling your sleeves up, digging in, and collaborating with your team to successfully manage campaigns.


What You Bring

  • 3+ years of agency or corporate experience as a Digital Marketer or Digital Analyst

  • BA/BS in Applied Math, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Industrial Engineering, Physics preferred

  • Data analysis skills

  • Experienced writing functions in Excel (Python skills a plus)

  • Organization, prioritization and innovation superpowers

  • Ability and desire to move quickly in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to think creatively and independently and to execute work accurately

  • Ability to figure out how to get from A to Z on your own (we train you extensively, then you bring it)

  • Proficient communication skills: ability to distill complex information succinctly, don't shy away from conversations with peers or clients, and excel at writing

  • Enjoy and able to lead and participate actively in peer, team, client and company meetings


What You'll Do

  • Leverage and analyze data from paid media platforms, vendors, internal and external systems to understand the performance of our clients' funnel

  • Create, execute and optimize multi-channel paid digital campaigns to drive profitable conversions for the clients on your team

  • Ensure high standards of data quality, data processing, data analysis, data visualization, and presentation of results and deliverables

  • Use your organization, prioritization and innovation superpowers to improve team and company efficiency and efficacy

  • Mastermind and build tools in Excel to automate work, use to prototype coded tools, and ad hoc solve interesting marketing-related problems

  • Fearlessly be an active voice in team and company meetings, sharing ideas, brainstorming, contributing knowledge, upholding company values and direction


What's In It For You

  • Rewarding and meaningful work: Yes!

  • Great people to work with: Yes!

  • Promotions and great raises: Yes!

  • Great benefits: Yes!

  • FOREVER remote: Yes!

  • See pets wandering around in Zoom: Yes!

  • Half-day summer Fridays: Yes!

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