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About Us

In 2003, we began creating the agency we'd want to work with as a client – and have since expanded our marketing services to include both direct campaign management and consulting options. Since our beginning, we've been helping our clients dig in deep on profit, constantly introducing new ways to produce strong returns for their businesses through the financial application of data-driven optimization.

We’re a passionate team of analysts and marketing experts who enjoy surfing the leading edge of the industry, whether in attribution, financial modeling, dealing with data gaps left by cookie-less users, or the care and feeding of AI. We bring logic, analysis, and extensive marketing know-how to the game and are only satisfied with the financial success of our clients.

Our valued marketing partners

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Leadership Team

Emma Davis

VP Data & Strategy


Courtney Coleran

VP Operations


Vida Jakabhazy



Soren Ryherd

President, Co-Founder

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