Case Study: Retargeting Yields 13% Lead Volume Growth

Client:  Full-service real estate agency representing buyers and sellers in large U.S. metro area

Overview:  Our client’s goal was to grow lead volume from visitors who landed on their site too early in the home buying process to commit to engaging with a real estate agent and enter the lead nurturing process.  To reengage with these audiences, who arrived largely through non-branded real estate-related search queries, we developed an ad retargeting strategy with messaging focused on our client’s key differentiators.

Success was measured by evaluating registration volume lift over baseline for traffic sources that would benefit from user interaction with display ads, including conversions from paid and organic branded links, and from visitors navigating directly to our client’s site (direct traffic).  Additionally,  an increased average length of time between initial site visit and registration would indicate that the retargeting ads were influencing more users to return and register than before the launch of the retargeting campaign.

Results:  Successful reengagement with users beyond the normal visitor return period was indicated by a 14% lengthening of the average conversion cycle during the first two months of retargeting activity.

In the same time period, total lead volume increased by 13%. Registration volume from branded paid search ads increased by 24%, with a corresponding 14% lift in registrations from branded organic links. Additionally, lead volume from direct traffic increased by 3%.