Case Study: Free Online Promotion Increases Revenue by 78%

Client:  Highly-specialized, hands-on music production and performance school

Overview:  Our client’s success is built upon offering full courses of study for students interested in taking live or online classes. They turned to Working Planet to promote an offer that would allow users to survey a course online before paying to register in exchange their for their contact information. Search campaigns were created to deliver ad impressions to audiences performing relevant search engine queries and interacting with related content online. We leveraged our client’s strong social media presence by creating campaigns to reach out to audiences with compatible interests while interacting with friends online. In addition, the landing page experience was tailored to maximize visitor-to-registration conversion, incorporating interactive content, credibility content, straightforward copy, and a bold call-to-action.

Results:  Paid course registrations increased by 45% in the month following the promotion, and total revenue increased by 78%, even though only 1% of users who registered for the free course paid for another course within the next two months. The average value of a paid registration increased by 23% as well, as more students registered for multiple courses. The impact of the promotion was sustained into the second month after it ran, with paid registrations up 47% versus the month that the promotion ran and revenue up 120%.