Case Study: 140% Increase in Sales using Retargeting

Client:  Leading provider of labor law compliance materials

Overview: Our client’s goal was to maximize order volume and revenue from a highly-relevant audience at the beginning of the new year, when the demand for updated materials is at its highest.  To help achieve this goal, Working Planet launched retargeting campaigns that would deliver ad impressions to previously non-purchasing site visitors prompting them to return to our client’s site and order updated material. Because measuring lift would be difficult during a seasonal period of higher activity, we utilized tools that allowed us to test the effectiveness of retargeting campaigns on the targeted audience against a control group of previous non-purchasing site visitors. Doing so allowed us to understand the rate at which visitors would return to our client’s site and purchase without ever seeing a retargeting ad.   Banner ads included a strong call-to-action linked to a button, highlighted updated products, and created urgency by emphasizing posting deadlines for employers.

ResultsSales from returning visitors increased by 140% compared to expected sales from returning visitors without ad retargeting. Additionally, the retargeting campaigns contributed 6% more sales and 8% more revenue than would have been generated from all traffic sources without active retargeting campaigns.