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Moving Beyond Search

Data-driven marketing in the last decade has largely been thought of as a search marketing phenomenon. The growth of search fueled many of the tactics and tools adopted for digital since the launch of paid search in the early 2000’s. But now is the time for companies to step back and re-evaluate the digital landscape. […]

To “Portfolio” or “Not Portfolio”?

Over the last few years there has been a lot of attention in the paid digital world over the “Portfolio” approach to paid search campaign management.  Some view this as way to maximize opportunity, while others try to draw analogies with stock portfolios as a way to manage risk.  Unfortunately, there is still a lot of […]

ROI and other Dangerous Metrics

Recently, I answered this question on Quora: “If the cost of PPC is £10, what is the ROI?” A simple question, right?  But assessing ROI for PPC campaigns has hidden dangers, so I used the opportunity to not just answer the ROI definition question, but to point out some common misconceptions in optimizing to a pure […]

Google on Board with Profit-Driven Marketing!

Google recently published a “think with Google” article on Profit-Driven Marketing. They describe it as a “new” trend driving successful campaigns. We’re thrilled that Google is on board, as we’ve been pushing the envelope with Profit-Driven Marketing for the last eleven years! But why is Google on board now after all this time, and what’s different […]