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Case Study: 104% Gross Profit Increase Using Google Shopping / PLAs

Client:  E-commerce retailer that sells seasonal residential products nationwide Overview:  Our client’s focus is to acquire customers cost-effectively over the spring, summer and fall seasons.  Google’s Product Listing Ad (PLA) program had produced sales for them in the past and once the program shifted to a paid model mid-year, we began managing the campaign on their […]

Case Study: Closed-Loop Marketing for E-Commerce Business

Client:  Discount online retailer selling products in the home décor and furnishings space Overview: Our client’s success is built on cost-effectively converting online visitors to their website into sales via their online store.  To help grow their web store activity and help measure and understand the efficacy of their paid advertising, we worked with the client […]

Case Study: Effects of Seasonality and Brand Traffic on Campaign Performance

Client: Non-profit organization relying on monetary donations to fund core programs Overview: Our client is a non-profit organization that relies on monetary donations to fund their mission. Their success is built on cost-effectively acquiring donations through in-kind, dollar, and airline mile donations programs via online and offline channels.  In analyzing their historical data and in […]

Case Study: Leveraging Google Shopping Ads (Google PLAs)

Client: B2B retailer selling medical devices and accessories Overview: Our client’s success is built upon converting qualified visitors into sales from their online marketing efforts, including comparison shopping engines.  One of the larger networks, Google Shopping (formerly Google PLAs and Product Search before that), transitioned from a free model to a commercial model that requires […]